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Reconnect through musical memories

Reconnect with dementia patients through personalized music

Dementia caregiving can be an incredibly tough, frustrating, and sad experience. Wouldn't it be nice if, for a moment, you could reconnect with your loved one? To reconnect them with their personal identity? To briefly awaken your loved one from the grips of dementia?

If so, you will probably want to try personalized music. Research shows that in dementia patients, musical memory gained when a person was between 15 and 25 years old remains relatively unaffected long after other forms of memory and cognitive function have disappeared. What's more, stimulating this musical memory improves mood, awareness, and quality of life. Not just in the moment, but for hours or even days after the music stops!

However, how do you uncover their musical memories from so long ago? We know dementia caregiving is already stressful enough, so we would like to help you with this (for free). Through state-of-the-art data analysis, we select ten songs for your loved one to listen to each week. Based on their response, ten new songs will be selected based on their likelihood to spark positive musical memories. 

Best of all? It's completely free, anonymous and open-ended!

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How It Works

Completely Free. No Strings Attached.

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1. Fill In Our Form

To start, we need you to tell us a little bit about your loved one. How old are they, where did they grow up, and what do you already know about their musical preferences? We use this information to select relevant songs. The more detailed the higher the chances of success!

2. Listen to the Weekly Playlist

Each week, we will send you a playlist with 10 songs for your loved one to listen to (example playlist below). For our service to work best, we ask you to observe how they respond to particular songs. Are they smiling, moving to the music, or showing other positive behaviour? Don't worry if this sounds intimidating, we will guide you on how to do this.

Relaxing with Music

3. Repeat with Next Week's Playlist

Based upon your feedback, a new selection of 10 songs is send to you in the following week. The songs included are relatively likely to spark a musical memory for your loved one. In addition, we will of course also save the songs which evoked a positive reaction previously. The end result? A highly personalized and meaningful playlist for your loved one!


Example of a Weekly Playlist

The playlist below is aimed at a 95 year old American pop lover


About Dementio.org

Dementio.org is currently still an early-stage personal project, but we have big dreams! Our goal is to uncover one million musical memories for people with dementia within the next three years.

Since we are just getting started and still validating our service, we are not a registered charity yet. At this early stage, people like you can help us tremendously through testing, providing feedback, and connecting us to relevant people within your network. Do you want to help us with this?

Meet the Team

"After witnessing the societal burden of dementia (caregiving) through personal and academic experience, I started dementio.org out of the desire to empower dementia caregivers to express their love and affection to those they are taking care of. I chose to focus on personalized music discovery, due to the demonstrated (cost-)effectiveness of personalized music in dementia care and the lack of an effective data-driven method to uncover these musical memories."  - Joris de Kok

Do you have any feedback, suggestions, opportunities, or just want to connect? Get in touch through the chat in the bottom right, on LinkedIn or through dementio.org@gmail.com!


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